Building a Computer? Where to Find Free Computer Parts

So you’re assembling another PC and you blew all your spending plan on extravagant gaming video cards yet neglected to save some money for a NIC. What do you do? You have to have a NIC to jump on the web! Perhaps you have an old machine you use for putting away documents and the CD-Rom drive’s no more. Would you truly like to burn through $40 on another one? Possibly you could get them for nothing! Here are some acceptable hotspots with the expectation of complimentary PC gear. this post


At any sort of organization nowadays, regardless of what sort of business it is, there will be some sort of surplus PC gear lying around. Regularly stuff that gets traded lies around gathering dust for a very long time in light of the fact that either the proprietor figures they may even now hold worth, or they never got tossed out in light of the fact that it’s an agony to reuse

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electronic waste. Ask your organization PC fellow on the off chance that they have any additional parts they needn’t bother with. Possibly you can turn out to be some sort of an exchange? Frequently in your organization’s IT storerooms are boxes loaded with extension cards, drives, RAM, and more that they may be happy to dispose of.


Craigslist has a part in the “Available to be purchased” segment with the expectation of complimentary things, that individuals part with by posting a note of where and when the things will be accessible. Generally the things are left at curbside for whoever happens to be first to come and get them. By watching out for this site, you can net yourself some truly cool things. Things recorded as of late for nothing in the San Francisco Bay Area incorporate PC TV Tuner cards, RAM, DVD-ROM drives, CAT5 links, and programming. Once more, it’s an agony to reuse these materials and is regularly a lot simpler to simply part with.

Loved ones

Likely the most clear decision is loved ones. Simply make a few inquiries! The vast majority I know are nerd types, and we all have confines the dim corners of our storage rooms loaded up with wires, links, parts, and the sky is the limit from there “in the event of some unforeseen issue” we’ll need them sometime in the future. On the off chance that you have companions that are in any way similar to me, no one can tell what sort of stuff they’ll have lying around! So utilize these three different ways to get yourself some free PC parts! Check it out, you’ll find much more certain solutions than you might suspect!

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