Hair Extensions and Chemical Treating

Can synthetic medicines be applied to hair augmentations securely and without causing harm? The appropriate response is yes relying upon the kind of hair augmentation utilized. Synthetic medicines, for example, shading, perming, and synthetically fixing are just suggested for human hair that have not been treated with hydroxides or colors past to utilize. Counsel the beautician who put in the expansions prior to endeavoring any compound medicines.

With regards to biting the dust the hair it relies upon the nature of the item and the measure of preparing done to the expansion preceding being woven into your regular hair. Passing on engineered items generally leaves the customer with an inadmissible result, splotchy or an unfortunate tone and at times harm to the augmentations. Expansions produced using virgin hair, which is more costly then engineered, offer the best result with


regards to passing on. Now and again the holding specialists used to connect hair augmentations respond with synthetics in the colors. Woven hair is at less in danger for compound responses.

Store just color is suggested for biting the dust the item while dying is rarely alright. Continuously have your beautician test a little piece of hair augmentation prior to endeavoring to color a full head of expanded hair. Except if the beautician is sure that he/she can color or perm the augmentations while they are connected to your hair, it is suggested they are eliminated before any synthetic medicines occur.

Perming the item which is joined with the combination method isn’t suggested. Synthetic substances utilized in the perming cycle can respond with cements utilized in the combination procedure. Likewise with all hair application methods, it is ideal to perm hair expansions that have been appended without the utilization of glues. A gentle perm arrangement is ideal for use on human augmentations.

Synthetically fixing hair augmentations isn’t suggested. Augmentations produced using human hair are anything but difficult to fix utilizing a blow dryer or straightening iron. Synthetics used to fix hair can harm the augmentations and abbreviate their life expectancy.

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