Cat Litter Box Odors: You’ve Been Lied To About How To Manage Cat Box Odors

Why A Simple Cat Litter Box Is The Best Way To Control Odors

When it comes to cat box odors, cat lovers have fought the good fight to reduce and eliminate odors from the environment they both share. Cats are loveable, adoring and sweet; however, their litter boxes are not. With a dog, you can take them out for a walk, and pick up the mess when they’ve done their business. With cats, it’s a different story. Many things have been tried and died under the onslaught of cat waste disposal. As a result, you are probably laboring under the misconception that controlling cat box odors is hard. free subscription boxes

Clumping Litter Helps But It Is Still Very Hard

With the introduction of “clumping” cat litter, it has gone a long way towards reducing the smell and mess of the litter box. God knows, when the only option was clay litter, it was no scoop, wait until you couldn’t stand it any longer, throw the whole thing out in a bag and start over. Clumpin

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g litter took cat boxes to the next level. This is has helped, but it still has left the misconception that having a nice smelling house without cat box odor takes either really expensive cat box contraptions or a personal servant to scoop continuously.

Have You Spent Hundreds Trying To Control The Smell?

Many folks have spent hundreds of dollars buying automatic cat pans that did the scooping for them. As well, there’s a system that lets your cat go to the bathroom in the toilet. It seems complicated and costly. As well, while I love my cats dearly, I don’t think I’d want to share my throne with them.

Stop Believing The Lies – Simplicity Is Still The Best

With that said, I turn your attention to the simple bend and scoop method. While it’s not the best, it does get the job done. It also doesn’t cost a fortune, and doesn’t jam and burn out like the electric models eventually do – and they all do jam at one point or another. I went through three automatic models before I gave up on that idea, and went back to the scoop and go method.

Listen, I’m getting older so I was looking around for an upgrade on the scoop by hand model. I didn’t want the electric pans, because I know they burn out. The last one I bought didn’t even have enough “ummphf” to move the cat litter so I wound up helping and scooping thus defeating the $100+ price tag.

A Super Simple Upgrade To The Simple Method That Works!

I happened across another cat pan that calls itself “automatic”, but doesn’t use any kind of electrical sweeping motion. In fact, it doesn’t sweep at all. Called the Best Cat Litter Box in the World, it solved my problem immediately, and I’ve been happy with it ever since. It fits all the criteria for a cat box that controls odors continuously without a high price, easy to put together and understand, and it is super easy to use.

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